ISO 22000:2005 – A Commitment to Cleanliness and Hygiene

In the catering and restaurant trade, assuring your customers of your good working standards is as important as producing quality food.

However whilst a simple demonstration of your business’s culinary abilities will suffice for most customers, proving a firm adherence to health and safety protocols can be more challenging.

This is where MMC Consulting is able to assist. As this accreditation requires you to already be using an ISO 9000 management system, this can be utilised to examine and then refine every single element of the food production process, from sourcing the right ingredients through to the final steps in your chefs’ hands in your kitchens. 

The benefits of this ISO 22000:2005 are as follows:

  • Suitable for all types and sizes of businessthe ISO 22000:2005 is available for all sizes of organisations and businesses based within the food and catering industry, helping you win business and improve margins.
  • Improves communications both internally and externallyby creating effective systems of reports and requests it is possible to decrease the amount of time and the wastage of resources.
  • Demonstrates control of all possible food hazards providing your customers with proof that your business takes health issues seriously, which is becoming an increasingly important prerequisite for tender application.
  • Builds future contingencies for continual improvementsetting procedures in place to deal with company growth and new legislation guards against future expenditure.

Additionally ISO 22000:2005 represents the first step in a family of standards that provide further assurances of an adherence to quality management techniques including ISO/TS 22004 and ISO/TS 2003.

To find out how ISO 22000:2005 can be successfully implemented within your business call MMC Consulting on 01508 470 823.