ISO 9001: The Certification for Success

ISO 9001 is a Proven Methodology for Enhancing the Confidence of Customers

This standard was updated in September 2015, bringing in strategic risk reviews. It contains a family of standards for quality management systems together with a set of procedures for their assessment and implementation.

At MMC Consulting we understand how all levels of business operate from single unit organisations up to large corporate entities.

Our experience within a number of areas means that we can formalise and document your existing procedures, facilitating the relevant transitions to receive certification.

ISO 9001 Certification

Achieving ISO 9001 certification can give your business the following benefits:

Achieve Business Growth By Adopting ISO Standards
  • A recognised global standard of qualitythe ISO 9001 certification demonstrates your adherence to management standards to an international audience, assisting you in winning world-wide contracts.
  • Gain a full knowledge of your businessISO 9001 allows management personnel to completely understand the roles and responsibilities through your business or organisation and thus make more effective decisions.
  • Suitability for larger business contractsmany corporations seeking to award large or long-term contracts require proof of good management. ISO 9001 demonstrates an ongoing commitment to the necessary standards.
  • Increased customer satisfactionby delivering a consistently high quality product or service, your reputation will flourish increasing both your profitability and opportunities for new orders.
  • Improved internal and external communicationinvolving team members and employees in business critical decisions develops their involvement with your business and facilitates both new ideas and comprehensive feedback.

How Prepared Is Your Business for ISO?