Ensuring You Deliver on Your Promises

ISO certification for business does not deliver a series of rules and measures for each specific sector. Instead it provides a solid framework that supports the workflow and internal systems of your organisation.

It is the assurances and promises you are seeking to make to your customers that govern the standards to which you will be held.

MMC Consulting is able to work with you to achieve the relevant ISO certification for your business. Our auditors have the experience to quickly pin-point trouble hot spots and quickly build solutions in accordance with you and your resources to deliver the appropriate outcomes.

Following the initial planning stage, we utilise a three stage cyclical process to bring your organisation to readiness for the ISO certification for business. This iterative approach allows us to refine your systems and procedures until they meet the required standards for you to pass.

  • Planning the implementationissuing the relevant training, procedures and systems necessary for the organisation to meet the requirements of the planning and improvement stages.
  • Doing activities to test resultsour team of skilled auditors investigate and examine the instigation, use and outcomes of the new systems, observing the performance in line with the targets and KPIs created in the planning stage.
  • Checking outcomes to create improvement from the assessments gained during the auditing phase documents and systems are further refined with constructive corrections to align the outcomes with the desired targets.

Does your business need to reinforce the outcomes of your business systems? To find out how you can offer your customers ISO certified assurance call on 01508 470 823.