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ISO Consultancy Services

“MMC has worked with our company in a practical and flexible way. Just what we need as this is how we work with our customers and suppliers. “

Benefits of adopting ISO standards
Enhancing your focus and understanding of your customers’ needs
Continually improving the efficiency of your operation
Potential reduced costs, improved profits, added growth
Ensuring consistency of your products and/or services
Strengthening communication at all levels of your company
MMC Consulting are committed to your success

Implementing an ISO standard, will help a business to improve efficiency and effectiveness, it will also help it to look more attractive to existing and prospective clients.

We provide cost effective ISO certification consultancy with designed specifically for your company. By understanding your key aims and objectives, we structure a plan of assessment to ensure these goals are realistic and a plan to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Our team of lead ISO auditors are backed by a broad experience working with the some of the world’s top industrial powerhouses, as well as SMEs working in niche and specialist sectors.

Our flexible and up front approach works with your existing procedures and systems to improve and refine the way you want to work. We believe that by working alongside you and by immersing ourselves fully within your organisation we can learn your unique requirements.

Following certification we can provide ongoing support to maintain and improve your systems, including regular consultancy visits, routine internal audits or surveillance audit support with the certification body.

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is a non-governmental organisation that brings together experts for the purpose of forming standards that aid in innovation and provide solutions on a global level. Located in Geneva, it has established nearly 24,000 standards for organisations since 1947, making it the biggest developer of voluntary organisational standards around the world. It consists of a network of national standards bodies in 165 countries, helping to ensure good practices and promote efficiency and efficacy across different businesses and industries across the globe.

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Factors affecting speed of implementation
The policies and procedures already in place
The client's commitment and available resources
The size and complexity of the organisation

Many certification bodies require at least 3 months for the management system to have been running, in order to have enough genuine records to audit.

Achieving an ISO certification indicates that an organisation has employed a globally accepted management system and is in compliance with the best practices. Having this seal of approval serves as an excellent business tender and gives clients the assurance that they are in good hands. Obtaining an ISO standard will not only help a business become more efficient and effective, but also make it more attractive to both existing and potential customers.

Once certified, the certification body will provide a “certification cycle”. This involves re-certification and interim surveillance audits. For example, an ISO 27001 Information Security Management system is usually re-certified every 3 years, with interim surveillance audits every 6 to 12 months from certification.

The cost of implementing a system and achieving certification will depend on a number of factors including which certification house is used, size of company and the starting point. MMC would provide a clear program of work and expenses following an initial client meeting to enable the client to decide how they wish to proceed.

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