Being Environmentally Conscious is No Longer an Option

ISO 14001 Demonstrates You Are Meeting Your Environmental Obligations

There is increased pressure on all companies to now function in an ecologically sound manner. With the demands of modern business it is essential that an effective management system is put in place to handle these requirements.

ISO 14001 accreditation allows you to concentrate on your most important critical tasks, whilst relaxing in the knowledge that you are meeting your environmental obligation.

MMC Consulting rapidly assesses your company’s current situation to produce a detailed action plan, providing specific guidance on development and implementation of the necessary guidelines.

Through a number of system requirements including documentation, training, leadership and continuous improvement, we help you reduce your business’s environmental impact whilst improving credibility with your customers.

IS0 14001 Environmental Certification

Achieving ISO 14001 certification can give your business the following benefits:

Think Green With ISO 14001 For Business Growth
  • Meet business tender requirementsa vital aspect of many contractual agreements is providing adherence with environmental responsibilities. With ISO 14001 your company is in the right place to win the big business.
  • Practical guidelines for any size of companyno matter what size your business, the methodology set up by the standard allows you to implement best practice for your organisation and meet your corporate responsibilities.
  • Reduce costsone of the surprising side effects of implementing ISO 14001 is that by making business process more energy efficient is a reduction in overall production and running costs.
  • Meet legal obligationsutilise an effective systematic framework that not only meets existing legislation, but also facilitates a rapid approach to identifying future changes, saving you future legal costs.
  • Reduce insurance costsmany insurers will be happy to lower your premiums when you are able to demonstrate evidence of a management system in line with ISO1400.
  • Fully integrated with other ISO standardsthrough common management system principles with ISO9001 and ISO27001 you can achieve full integration of your quality, environmental and health and safety management systems.
  • Environmental responsibilities at employee levelwe identify even the smallest efficiencies, allowing individuals to make a difference in the way your company operates, improving motivation at a grass roots level.

How Prepared Is Your Business for ISO?