ISO 45001 Providing a Safer Workplace

Risk control is now a vital part of all business management

ISO 45001 is an international standard that enables your business to place a proactive and preventative emphasis on risk control, through the instigation of a thorough process of identification and assessment of hazards within the workplace.

MMC Consulting provide a full management service that works with your business or organisation to meet the signposted goals of the certification process. 

As experts in this field we are able to carefully guide you through the most difficult changes whilst delivering proven techniques.

Prior to this international standard there used to be a UK standard known as OHSAS 18001:2007 this has now been superceded by the new ISO 45001 standards. 


ISO Certification

Achieving ISO 45001 Certification gives your business the following benefits:

ISO 45001 Heath and Safety Management
  • Reduction in the risk of accidentscreate a safer workplace for you and your employees. Good working conditions demonstrate a commitment to your staff’s well-being, improving morale and relations.
  • Demonstration of essential legal complianceit is necessary under UK law to show that you have performed all relevant risk assessments and put health and safety measure into practice. Failure to do so can result in heavy fines.
  • Exposure to an increased customer basemany larger companies and corporations now require suppliers to offer clear indications of their suitability from a risk-assessment standpoint. This improves your chances of winning tenders.
  • Lower insurance premiums and costsby proving that you have taken necessary preventative action within your workplace, insurers will understand that the risks of injury and damage are significantly less.
  • Effective management of safety risksthis standard provides a system of implementing new safety measures in line with future developments saving you resource on undergoing new assessment and consultation.

How Prepared Is Your Business for ISO?